Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chariot -- Major Arcana

Card in the picture is Chariot from Major Arcana and bears the number 7. I have used Rider Waite of Tarot Deck.
Now, the fool has the tools and knowledge of how to use them. He also knows how to nurture and manage his empire, life and future. He has learned the value of customs, traditions and social beliefs. He has also found his companion who will fulfill and accompany him in his journey of life. Now, thus complete and close to hi destination he sets out on the path.

What awaits him next is his enemies. Enemies in form of devious humans or bad circumstances are standing in front of him, blocking his progress. Now he must find a way or guidance to help him to tackle these obstacles. This is when he meets a Charioteer.

Unable to move forward, Fool asks Charioteer on how to overcome these obstacles who has blocked his progress. Charioteer gives him the lessons on armouring oneself for protection, getting the goal fixed for minimum distraction, selecting a strong and sturdy chariot from where to control and direct your steeds towards the final goal or destination.
Now having learnt his lessons from Charioteer, Fool now sets upon his journey again ready to run down anyone or anything that gets in his way. Fool's only aim is to achieve victory now.

When this card turns up in a reading, it symbolizes control. A very different kind of control from the card of Emperor. While meaning of Emperor card was all about to manage your life and be aware of where your actions will take you. Card of Chariot is about to take control of your life, direct it in such a way that you can overcome all obstacles facing you. Its more like a military general controlling and ordering its army during war.
This card symbolizes victory, an unwavering faith in onself that nothing can stand in our way.

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