Thursday, 23 June 2011

Court Cards

Today I will discuss the court cards in Minor Arcana. There are 4 court cards namely, Page, Knight, Queen, King, for each of the 4 suits (Sword, Wand, Cup, Pentacles). Thus, we have a total of 16 court cards.

Although difficult to read, court cards are very useful as they signify people in querent's life, or the querent him/herself. So mostly when court cards turn up in your reading, it indicates the people in querent's life or some aspects of querent's own personality.

Gender: Just because a Queen of Swords is a female in the card, its does not necessarily mean that it has to be a woman. Mostly its the characteristics that one should look for while doing a reading. For instance, if King of Pentacles turns up for a female, it means that she is good at finances, job and knows well how to manage a home financially.

Age: Typically, Kings and Queens represent adults while Pages and Knights represent young boys and girls. But again, its the characteristic, although rare but some young children are mature enough for King/Queen card to turn up in their reading.

Signifying Querent: Since every person plays different roles in life depending on the situations, so will the court cards representing them will change. It can be different when related to work place as compared to managing home or dealing with kids. Therefore, a single court card can never represent/signify a person now do you see the complexity and the vastness of areas covered by these court cards???

Symbols: Apart from signifying the querent or people, court cards are symbolic too. Their symbolic meanings vary from card to card but can be broadly classified as: Pages for messages, Knights for movement or trips, Queens as creators and Kings as managers.

There are other physical attributes too that some tarot readers use like hair. eye and skin color and so on. But as with all Tarot Cards, what I personally feel is that one should look for significance and the symbolism that each card is conveying to you. There are several countries where blonds do not exist or some specific eye color people are not there; so how will these people read excluding court cards?? That's why I say, that one should always be on lookout for the symbolism and its meaning as it never fails then.

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