Thursday, 16 June 2011

Star -- Major Arcana

Today's Card is called Star. Its numbered 17 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Shaken by the events from Tower card, Fool has realized that most of his previous life was either a false sense of grandeur or full of lies. He has to start anew, and all he needs is some hope. Feeling thus, he starts searching for someone who can give him some kind guidance or a shooting start to wish upon.

He notices a beautiful girl with two urns who is emptying one urn into the water and other onto the thirsty ground. Fool goes to her and asks what is her purpose for doing so. To this, the girl answers, "I am refilling this pool so that who are thirsty may quench thsi thirst, and I am also watering the earth so that more food grows out of it to feed those who are hungry". Having said this, the girl slowly fades away and settles up in the night sky as a shining star.

All the weariness and despair is lifted off at this moment and Fool understands that what he needed is there in the sky....HOPE. His thirst and hunger can be fulfilled here, but his dreams however distant they may feel like a shining star in the sky are always his....all he needs is to follow them. Thus, his faith is restored

When this card turn up in a reading, it means that however down the querent may be feeling at this point of time, all he/she needs is to keep up hope and keep going. Luck is by his/her side and things will turn out to be good.

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