Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fool - Major Arcana

This is the first card in a Tarot Deck and bears the number as 0. The number zero which stands for the unlimited potential and infinite possibilities, which doesn't has a start or end.

Fool is like a newborn baby with unlimited options waiting for him. He is about to start an unknown journey with a spring in his step. His staff denotes his will and the bag on his staff denotes the unlimited choices he has to make. His choices and decisions that will ultimately form his future. The white rose in his hand represents the purity of his soul and the dog beside him is his guardian who will protect him always. The rising mountains and sun behind represents the spirit world he has left just now to enter the material world. He is about to step off the cliff to enter the material world and start his new journey.

This card means the new beginnings, the choices to be made to start new ventures. It does means that opportunities are out there and what you need is go and grab them. There is no need to fear to start something new. Be optimistic.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Weekly Forecast --- PISCES

Time for weekly forecast again. Today its Pisces and the card I got is 3 of Swords from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

From the very picture itself its a very upsetting card. Three sharp swords piercing the heart.
This week you will have to deal with your emotions and some harsh truths. Truth can be harsh but never harmful. Its always good to face truth rather than being in dark.

So, keep up your spirits inspite of the the tough time coming ahead. You may see your trust or confidence on some person being betrayed. This is the time when the truth and all the secrets will come out. And again as I said earlier, its good to know the truth rather than being in dark.
So, on positive side you will feel relaxed too 'ah! now i know everything why you were so different from past few days'. Time for wondering and worrying will get over.

Keep up your spirits and hold on to your courage as the time to move on is coming. Face all the harsh truths and realities of life with a positive mind. Amen.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Inner Peace and Happiness???

What is inner peace and happiness?? Just some words....what do they actually mean? Where does it comes from. Does it really exist or is it just an illusion? One's whole life human runs after these words 'inner peace and happiness'. Ask him when he is on his death bed, "Did you found your inner peace and happiness?" What do you think he will say? How many people have found it and affirmed it. Does it even exist or merely an illusion of maya?

Questions, questions and just questions. I am sure all of us face these questions in our life path. So many sages and wise people have come and gone....answered it in various ways. But how many have truly found it and lived it. Does finding it and living it fully means attaining moksha?? More questions....

Is inner peace spiritual, materialistic, personal, relational......what is it after all that makes you happy. One day you want this and next day another object or relation. There is no end to one's choices and demands. So, does it mean that all life we are supposed to just run and chase our 'inner peace and happiness'?? More Questions.....

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Free Weekly Forecast -- CANCER

I have decided that I will post a free weekly forecast every week for one of the zodiac sun sign.
Today it will be CANCER. The Tarot Card I got is Eight of Swords. Tarot Deck I used is Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Courage and one's will power will be the focus for this week. This week you will face limitations, but instead of being dragged down by them or trying to defy them, you need to find out ways on how to get most out of it. With limitations, comes the fear also of what others will say about you, whether to speak or be quiet, etc. The only way out of this is fortitude to overcome these internal and external limitations and fears. Your will power and fortitude will help you in enduring the pain and disapproval, otherwise you will remain trapped and silenced.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Meditation Card of the Day -- Hermit

In Tarot Cards, The Hermit is shown as an old man carrying a staff and lantern. His head is bent as if in deep thoughts. His right hand holds the lantern up as if showing a path ahead. His left
hand holds the staff firmly and solidly on the ground.

As all the tarot cards are symbolic, so it is and each and evry symbol or action holds a deep
meaning. Hermit is standing alone but he is not lonely. He has all the wisdom and teachings he
has acquired through the aspect of its solitary nature. Hermit in itself is a card of inner dialogue with oneself. His head is bent because he is deep in thought, in
meditation. He has acquired the knowledge, the wisdom and understanding of this world by being
one with self and this universe.

His right hand that holds lantern up means that now since he has acquired all this knowledge, he
is ready to share it with others. Now he is ready to pass the knowledge and strength. He is
awaiting the seekers of light, knowledge and wisdom.

His left hand that holds the staff firmly shows that although he is old but not weak. Infact all
this knowledge and wisdom he has gained has strengthened him further.

There can be no other good beginning rather than to start meditation with this card.