Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hanged Man -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Hanged Man. It bears number 12 in the Major Arcana. the picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

After getting direction from the blindfolded lady in justice card, Fool is now determined to focus on his spiritual self. He settles beneath a tree and stays there for days in one position. After few days he climbs onto a tree and dangles himself upside down from a branch. At this moment his eprpective changes to everything. It seems to him as if he has surrendered everything and therefore now empty handed, without holding onto anything, he is able to view things in a new light.

The clarity with which he sees both the material and spiritual world dazzles him. Thus, he learns the art of surrender. Since, he is dangling from a branch, he realises that its a very fragile cord that connects a human between material and spiritual world. At this point he has surrendered all that was material like his desires, ambitions, money, etc and yet he is holding onto teh branch so as not to lose the perspective he has gained of both the world.

Thus, using the art of surrender, he has learnt how to achieve balance between his both worlds or selves: material and spiritual. Now, he is about to be reborn, just like a baby in womb.

when this card comes up in a reading, it means that the the querent will soon face or is going through a time of surrender, sacrifice and altogether a new perspective of things. what is right to him/her can be wrong to others. During, this time querent may feel helpless or stuck.

The only way to gain is to give!!!

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