Saturday, 4 June 2011

Strength -- Major Arcana

The card I will discuss today is Chariot. It is numbered 8 and is from the Major Arcana. Picture I have used is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The Fool, victorious over his enemeis and so feeling powerful and arogant, now comes across a maiden struggling with a lion. When he saw her from a distance it seemed as if she is struggling with a lion; and so he runs to her help. As soon as he is near her, he observes that maiden is not struggling but has gently shut the lion's mouth. Infact, this wild and fierce lion is completley at her command. Surprised, Fool asks maiden that how was she able to do this and maiden replies, "Because lion is at my command. He obeys me".

Maiden looks into the Fool's eyes, and now Fool sees in her a warmth and gentleness. When Fool realizes that her heart is so great and its generosity infinite, he understands why lion did her bidding. the one thing he does not understand is, why does this fair maiden keep company with a beast. To this maiden replies, "This lion is wild, fierce and fileld with a wonderful energy. Once he takes direction from me, his energy can be directed similarly to fire in a hearth."

Now, realizing that this maiden's pure and innocent strength has been able to tame this wild and firece lion, fool walks away further on his path to explore what more lessons lies ahead.

When this card comes up in a reading, it indicates towards developing the true strength. It can be done by balancing the human, animal and divine aspects of yourself. This card represents the triumph of love over hate.

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