Saturday, 11 June 2011

Temperance -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is called Temperance. It is numbered 14 in Major Arcana. The picture I have taken for reference is from the Rider Waite of Tarot deck.

After learning the lesson that one thing leads to other like death leads into birth, surrendering your material world leads to the start of spiritual journey; he starts wondering why does one thing leads to other. Why is he constantly facing two opposites.

At this moment Fool comes upon an angel who is pouring the contents of one cup to other. His one foot is in water and other on a rock. He goes near and what he see is that one cup holds fire and the remaining water.

Curious, he asks angel that how is it possible to mix two completely or opposite substances. To this angel replies, 'It can be done if you have the right vessels and mix two opposite substances in right proportions. That's the whole essence of this universe like day and night; of this creation like man and woman.

Thus, Fool learns the lesson of unification. Lesson of merging two opposites and bringing about teh balance in one's life. With this understanding all his previous thoughts and doubts gets cleared.

When this card comes up in a reading, it stands for moderation, a balance or synthesis to be brought about between two seemingly opposite people, situation or anything. It urges querent to keep on trying, experimenting till the required balance is achieved.

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