Monday, 27 June 2011

Minor Arcana Suits

Before we move onto the meaning of Minor Arcana Cards, I want to discuss suits. The reason being that each suit has a significance and meaning to it which needs its worthy attention.

As you all know by this time (if you have been following my previous posts), that Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits, namely Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles. This terminology is used in Rider Waite Tarot Decks, therefore you may find different names in other Tarot Decks.

In some Tarot Decks, swords are also termed as knives, daggers, blades and so on.
They belong to Air element and thus represent mind and voice. Thoughts breeze into your mind and made into words. Those words are given breath through voice or are written up. In any way its the suit of communication, messages being delivered. 
Since, this suit is for ideas, words and written messages, hence on a negative side its the suit of anxieties  worries, gossip, slanders and so on. On positive side its the suit of gifted speakers, cleverness, science and so on.

In some Tarot Decks, wands are also termed staffs, spears, rods and so on.
They belong to Fire element and thus represent passion and energy. It represents anything in which querent would put their energy and soul into for instance, an ambitious project, a creative endeavour, philosophy and so on.
Wands suit represent adventurers and inventors. It shows their passionate desires and enthusiasm to get or achieve something done. This the card of action done or a goal achieved because you were passionate about it and so put your energy into it.

In some Tarot Decks, cups are also termed as chalices, bowls, cauldrons and so on.
They belong to Water element and thus represent emotions. It does not mean that other suits does not represent emotions. As wands represet passionate emotions, swords indicate anxities, pentacles relates to practical feelings, so does cups relate to emotions related to 'heart' like sorrow, bliss, nostalgia, melancholy, and so on.
These are the warm feeling to which one surrenders to and are often extended towards one another like love, family bonds, friendship, an so on. Since these feelings or emotions are deep and sensitive in anture, hence the cup suit often symbolizes the psychic powers, visions and illusions.

In some Tarot Decks, cups are also termed as disks, coins and so on.
They belong to Earth element and thus represent money. This is the suit of the physical things; materialism. It relates to all the material aspects of life such as body, health, money, work, and so on. Materialism has two aspects: One is the common sense side of life for eg you need money, food and clothing for your basic needs; and the other aspect is indulging in luxuries like greed for making more money and so on.
Pentacles is a long term suit and it is about creating something real, solid or concrete. Hence the symbol used for this suit is a gold coin. Since, it deals with money and also about efforts needed to create soemthing solid, hence it is the card of bankers, business people, craftsmen, farmers and laborers.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Court Cards

Today I will discuss the court cards in Minor Arcana. There are 4 court cards namely, Page, Knight, Queen, King, for each of the 4 suits (Sword, Wand, Cup, Pentacles). Thus, we have a total of 16 court cards.

Although difficult to read, court cards are very useful as they signify people in querent's life, or the querent him/herself. So mostly when court cards turn up in your reading, it indicates the people in querent's life or some aspects of querent's own personality.

Gender: Just because a Queen of Swords is a female in the card, its does not necessarily mean that it has to be a woman. Mostly its the characteristics that one should look for while doing a reading. For instance, if King of Pentacles turns up for a female, it means that she is good at finances, job and knows well how to manage a home financially.

Age: Typically, Kings and Queens represent adults while Pages and Knights represent young boys and girls. But again, its the characteristic, although rare but some young children are mature enough for King/Queen card to turn up in their reading.

Signifying Querent: Since every person plays different roles in life depending on the situations, so will the court cards representing them will change. It can be different when related to work place as compared to managing home or dealing with kids. Therefore, a single court card can never represent/signify a person now do you see the complexity and the vastness of areas covered by these court cards???

Symbols: Apart from signifying the querent or people, court cards are symbolic too. Their symbolic meanings vary from card to card but can be broadly classified as: Pages for messages, Knights for movement or trips, Queens as creators and Kings as managers.

There are other physical attributes too that some tarot readers use like hair. eye and skin color and so on. But as with all Tarot Cards, what I personally feel is that one should look for significance and the symbolism that each card is conveying to you. There are several countries where blonds do not exist or some specific eye color people are not there; so how will these people read excluding court cards?? That's why I say, that one should always be on lookout for the symbolism and its meaning as it never fails then.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Minor Arcana

Today I will discuss the Minor Arcana. As said in my earlier post, a Tarot Deck consists of 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

Its called Minor Arcana not because its less importance or holds a low significance as compared to Major Arcana Cards. Minor Arcana Cards are as much important to a reading as Major Arcana just like the air we breathe or food we eat. However much one say that money is materialistic, but at the end of the day, its this same money that buys you food or clothes and thus provides the basic necessities of life. One cannot fulfill its spiritual quest by following certain basic material needs, the same way Major Arcana Cards too will be incomplete without the Minor Arcana Cards which deals with the mundane life of a person.

Minor Arcana are broadly divided into 4 suits; namely, Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles. In each of these suits there are 14 cards numbered from 1 to 10 and then followed by court cards Page, Knight, Queen and King. Thus there will be ace of wands, two of wands, three of wands and so on till ten of wands and then Page of wand, Knight of wand, Queen of wand and King of Wand. Same follows for remaining suits.

There are several interpretations and associations with these suits. Like, you can relate zodiac signs, stars, etc. but I prefer to keep it simple and up-to-the point.

There are four elemental signs: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Out tarot suits represent one of each sign which are: Swords as Air, Wands as Fire, Cups as Water and Pentacles as Earth. Based on these elemental associations, one can say what each of the suits mean.

Elemental Sign Air mostly stands for Thoughts, the more subtler realms of mind and therefore so does the Sword suit of tarot decks. They deal with matters related to mind.

Elemental Sign Fire is another representation of Energy. So does the Wand suit of tarot deck stands for, matters or projects that require lots of action, efforts or to sum up and say 'energy'.

Elemental Sign Water is another representation of emotions; emotions free flowing as water. The Cup suit of tarot deck stands for matters concerning emotions like love, hate, grief, happiness and so on.

Elemental Sign Earth signifies money and abundance. Its the earth that nourishes us. So does the Pentacles suit of tarot deck represents; everything related to money and abundance. This one thing needed to nourish oneself materialistically.

This was a very brief overview on Minor Arcana Cards. I cover them more in detail in my courses for which you can see details on my website.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Major Arcana

I should had been writing this article even before I started writing the tarot card meanings. As it goes, better late than never so here I am.

A Tarot Deck consists of 78 cards which are broadly divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana consists of 22 cards from Fool to World. (So, now you see why I should had written a blog about Major Arcana even before I posted about Fool). Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards. We will talk about it in my next post Minor Arcana.

So now, coming to Major Arcana, lets talk about it. Some people say that it is the heart of Tarot Deck. Why?? If you would have read all my posts from Fool to World you can easily see that Major Arcana cards alone summarize the human's journey from ignorance to enlightenment in a beautiful story of Fool. Here, you will see a whole range of experiences a human's life undergoes in a quest of understanding life, a quest to bring about materialistic and spiritual selves together at peace, in harmony.

Major Arcana Cards are symbolic of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of humankind. These cards holds within themselves very strong symbols of strength, control, hopes, fears, etc. The way they portray the godly and darkest aspirations and selves of a human is unique.

Every card, shows an archetypal person, a figure who is the essence of the whole card, like sage in Hermit, a ruler in Emperor, a spiritual leader in Hierophant, a warm nurturing mother in empress, and so on.

Their meaning are intended only as a guide and are open to a great deal of factors and interpretation; reason being that in a spread, the cards meaning vary according to the surrounding cards, querent and the questions being asked.

Major Arcana are quite good and helpful for meditation. For instance, Hermit card in itself stands for meditation. Do check out here Hermit . I will discuss meditation in another set of posts as it is a vast topic to cover in a single post.

Monday, 20 June 2011

World -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is called World. It is numbered 21 in the Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Since judgement is done now, Fool is ready to take the final step and thus end its journey. As he takes the final step, he is surprised to see himself standing at the edge of the same cliff from where he had started initially. Its exactly the same place and the same point. The only difference is in experience and knowledge he ahs gained all this while. When he had started he was young and foolish; but now he has learnt all about self: mind and body, past and future, the individual and the world.

He had started as a Fool from this cliff and after completing his journey now he is tanding there again but as a mystic. Thus transformation has taken place and now he takes the final step by leaping right off the cliff. He doesnot falls down, but soars high and higher in the sky. Now, his world is complete. He is high up in the sky and is able to see the whole of the earth down below, while he himself is surrounded by various other stars. Now he is at one with the universe.

When this card comes up in a reading, it signifies the completion and competency. It indicates celebration, success, travel round the globe and expertise.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Judgement -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is called Judgement. It is numbered as 20 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

As the Fool leaves the garden of Sun, he feels that he has come to the final phase of his journey and yet something is telling him that there is one last thing left to do. Unable to understand what, he looks up at the sky for guidance and see a beautiful angel carrying a trumpet in his hand. The angel tells him, 'Before you could end your journey, you have to come to terms with your past. However, much you may try to run away from it or bury it, your past always follow you, always shapes up your next step and so the path you will take'. Knowing that it is going to be the hardest task of his journey but has to be completed, Fool nods his head in agreement. At this moment, Angel blows his trumpet and lo the earth cracks open and the ghosts and spirits of Fool's past rises up in air.

Now, when the Fool is facing them, he feels fearless and even more he find himself forgiving them for doing bad things to him and thanking those who had been kind and helpful to him. He also senses, that they have forgiven him for ignoring the lessons they had to teach him. Slowly, these ghosts and spirits of past start rising up in air and fade away. Now, Fool is completely free, even free of his past. Thus, Fool is ready to complete his journey or start altogether a new journey with no memories and no past to look behind to.

When this card comes up in a reading, its a very much symbolic card as it signifies rebirth and resurrection. It is quite different from the Death card as you are not putting something to end here but making some hard and final decisions. Coming face to face with the situations and past deeds or decisions and bringing about a change.

This card is about courage and recognizing that you are holding onto something that needs to be let go forever.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sun -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is called Sun. It is numbered as 19 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

After night long journey from the land of mysteries, Fool wakes at dawn and finds hismelf in a garden. The garden is walled, colorful and a bright, orange sun shining overhead. The day is clear and a child is laughing and enjoying ride on a small white pony. When child sees the Fool, he gets down his pony, holds the Fool's hand and starts playing with him, also showing him all kind of amazing things in the garden. After a real long time, Fool finds himself smiling, enjoying and be really happy.

He feels as if his soul is illuminated by this child. The more he looks at this child, the more he feels as if the child is him, his new self. The Fool is now filled with warmth and energy because just now he has met with his own inner light.

When this card comes up in a reading, it signifies everything that makes you happy, it can be glory, triumph, money or just pure happiness like a child's.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Moon -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Moon. It is numbered 18 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Following the Star, Fool reaches a strange land which he had seen when he was hanging upside down in Hanged Man card. He had the glimpses of thsi same land through a veil while conversing with High Priestess. Now he is here, the Star is no more visible has the moon has risen to full. The wolves are howling and the path through which Fool had come has turned into a river. Now, there is no going back for him.

Fool is left with two choices in front of him. First, is to stay here in this land of deepest and darkest mysteries and become one with those who are here. Second, is to take the boat that has no oar or rudder and surrender himself to the flow of river and control of moon. Fool thinks the second option wise and starts again with his journey surrendering himself to the power of unconscious will.

When this card comes up in a reading, it indicates a time of visions, inspirations and genius. There is a fine line between artistic genius and psycopath. The two paths indicated by this card are same. Either you stay and let your mind run wild like wolves, be one mad, crazy person whose artistic genius will be renowned world wide. OR, you choose to surrender to your unconscious, let that one higher power guide you and move.

This is a time when querent will feel a lot of emotional and mental confusion. But one decision has to be made to clear all the turmoil and to bring clarity to mind.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Star -- Major Arcana

Today's Card is called Star. Its numbered 17 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Shaken by the events from Tower card, Fool has realized that most of his previous life was either a false sense of grandeur or full of lies. He has to start anew, and all he needs is some hope. Feeling thus, he starts searching for someone who can give him some kind guidance or a shooting start to wish upon.

He notices a beautiful girl with two urns who is emptying one urn into the water and other onto the thirsty ground. Fool goes to her and asks what is her purpose for doing so. To this, the girl answers, "I am refilling this pool so that who are thirsty may quench thsi thirst, and I am also watering the earth so that more food grows out of it to feed those who are hungry". Having said this, the girl slowly fades away and settles up in the night sky as a shining star.

All the weariness and despair is lifted off at this moment and Fool understands that what he needed is there in the sky....HOPE. His thirst and hunger can be fulfilled here, but his dreams however distant they may feel like a shining star in the sky are always his....all he needs is to follow them. Thus, his faith is restored

When this card turn up in a reading, it means that however down the querent may be feeling at this point of time, all he/she needs is to keep up hope and keep going. Luck is by his/her side and things will turn out to be good.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tower -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Tower. It is numbered 16 in Major Arcana. the picture I have used fro reference is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Next, fool comes upon a tower which looks quite familiar to him. It brings about the old memories of how Fool had played a major role in getting this tower built before he left for his quest of spiritual journey.

Still today, this tower looks so magnificient and fantastic; and still today arrogant men lives inside the tower occupying the top floors. Fool again starts feeling one with this tower; tall, magnificient, standing alone, superior. He is so engrossed in his thoughts and this feeling that he lets a SHOUT out of his mouth. And lo!! a bolt of lightening strikes from heaven down below to tower crumbling it to pieces and sending its residents down into the water.

Fool is stunned with this sudden turn of events. And now he realizes that the lightening was his own doing and just now sending this lightening he destroyed nothing but all the lies of his life. Its the hardest part to do or achieve in one's life; destroying the false sense of grandeur. Now, all that is left is truth and now he has to start rebuilding his life upon this foundation of truth.

When this card comes up in a reading, its a very clear indication of false coming to an end. Anything or everything that is false, like family structures, institution, beliefs...all this will coem to an end now. However, painful or torturous it may seem, but it will come to an end for good. What will remain is truth and querent will rebuild its life upon it afresh.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Devil -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Devil. It hold number 15 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Fool comes to the foot of an enormous black mountain, where reigns a strange creature who is half goat and half god. Several naked people are chained to that creature's throne and are engaged in all kind of material and sexual indulgence. The more Fool gets nearer, the more he feels his carnal desires rising. Thinking that this is all doing of this half god, Fool roars at him and challenges him, declaring that now he has risen beyond all this.

To this creature responds mildly, 'All I am doing is bringing out what lies deep inside you. Its neither my doing nor something to be ashamed of. Look closely the chains are wide enough for these people to free themselves'. Now, the Fool realises that creature is correct, its not his doing but these people are bound by their own deep desires.

Next the half-god brings Fool's attention to the top of mountain and says, 'There are also some people who have used these same desires to climb the highest heights. If they had denied these impulses, they would had never gotten there'.

Thus, Fool realizes that this devil looking creature is not evil but holds a great power at his command. Although this power is lowest; it has a potential of bringing out the highest freedom in a person. Therefore, it depends on the one who is using it. This power has the nature of both, beast and god.

When this card comes up in a reading, it means that too much restraint holds you back and keeps you away from achieving the desired goals. This card is about temptation and control; about addiction and manipulation.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Temperance -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is called Temperance. It is numbered 14 in Major Arcana. The picture I have taken for reference is from the Rider Waite of Tarot deck.

After learning the lesson that one thing leads to other like death leads into birth, surrendering your material world leads to the start of spiritual journey; he starts wondering why does one thing leads to other. Why is he constantly facing two opposites.

At this moment Fool comes upon an angel who is pouring the contents of one cup to other. His one foot is in water and other on a rock. He goes near and what he see is that one cup holds fire and the remaining water.

Curious, he asks angel that how is it possible to mix two completely or opposite substances. To this angel replies, 'It can be done if you have the right vessels and mix two opposite substances in right proportions. That's the whole essence of this universe like day and night; of this creation like man and woman.

Thus, Fool learns the lesson of unification. Lesson of merging two opposites and bringing about teh balance in one's life. With this understanding all his previous thoughts and doubts gets cleared.

When this card comes up in a reading, it stands for moderation, a balance or synthesis to be brought about between two seemingly opposite people, situation or anything. It urges querent to keep on trying, experimenting till the required balance is achieved.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Death -- Major Arcana

Today's Card for discussion is Death. It is numbered 13 in Major Arcana. The picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Having learnt the lesson of surrender, Fool comes down the tree and continues on with his journey. He comes upon a field where trees are bare and it feels cold and wintry. Fool starts feeling shallow, empty and sad.

Unable to udnerstand the reason, he starts looking for some guidance or clue. Its when a skeleton in a black cloak rides past him on a white horse. Fool recognizes this rider as death. He stops him and asks whether he has died and is that the reason for him being sad that he has come to the land of death.

To this death replies, "No, you are not dead but your old self, your way of life and old principles are dead. Now you are re-born. Your old world is dead since you learnt the lesson of surrender. Do not mourn. Look ahead, a new life and world is waiting for you". Saying so, Death rides away from him.

Fool has now learnt the lesson of Transformation.

When this card coems up in a reading, it does signifies the death but not of the physical body but conceptually. Its the death of your principles or thinking on which your life was set. But the amount of growth that this process of tranformation brings about in the querent is tremendous. Sometimes, thsi process of transformation is painful and hence the grieving part comes in.

But again, all is well that ends well!!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hanged Man -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Hanged Man. It bears number 12 in the Major Arcana. the picture I have used for reference is from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

After getting direction from the blindfolded lady in justice card, Fool is now determined to focus on his spiritual self. He settles beneath a tree and stays there for days in one position. After few days he climbs onto a tree and dangles himself upside down from a branch. At this moment his eprpective changes to everything. It seems to him as if he has surrendered everything and therefore now empty handed, without holding onto anything, he is able to view things in a new light.

The clarity with which he sees both the material and spiritual world dazzles him. Thus, he learns the art of surrender. Since, he is dangling from a branch, he realises that its a very fragile cord that connects a human between material and spiritual world. At this point he has surrendered all that was material like his desires, ambitions, money, etc and yet he is holding onto teh branch so as not to lose the perspective he has gained of both the world.

Thus, using the art of surrender, he has learnt how to achieve balance between his both worlds or selves: material and spiritual. Now, he is about to be reborn, just like a baby in womb.

when this card comes up in a reading, it means that the the querent will soon face or is going through a time of surrender, sacrifice and altogether a new perspective of things. what is right to him/her can be wrong to others. During, this time querent may feel helpless or stuck.

The only way to gain is to give!!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Justice -- Major Arcana

Card I will discuss now is called 'Justice'. It bears the number 11 in Major arcana. Picture I have used for reference is from the rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Fool comes at a croosroads and unable to decide which path to choose he looks around him. At some distance he find a blindfolded lady listening to two brothers quarrel. They have to this lady for justice. One of the brother has all the wealth while the other is extremely poor. Lady listens to both sides of arguments and pleas and gives her verdict that half of the rich brother's wealth be given to the poor brother. Although the matter solved in a justful way, none of the brother is happy.

Soon after Fool witnesses this, he realizes what was trouble him. In his quest for material comforts he had led hsi spiritual self to starve while his material self was enjoying to the full. Now, he knows which path to take so that half of his time and energy is devoted to his spiritual self.

Here he learns the lesson of maintaining the balance between his material and spiritual selves, just like the equilibrium between the justice's scales.

When this card comes up in a reading, it indicates a need for balance.
This card also signal legal matters related to court. Whatever the decision taken in court cases will be fair.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wheel of Fortune -- Major Arcana

Card I will discuss now is called 'Wheel of Fortune'. It is numbered as 10 in Major Arcana. Picture I have used for reference is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Having lived in a cave or small hut and reflecting upon the past experiences, the fool comes out of his recluse and faces sunlight. Its time for a change and to start afresh. He starts on his journey again and is delighted to see wonders happen. Where ever he go, strange things happen, people offer him precious things on their own. He receives treasures like pious drinks in golden chalice, money bags and fine swords as gifts. It seems as if all the good he has done in life is being repaid back much more times to him.

Thats the way of wheel of fortune; when it favors it gives you much more then what you could had ever dreamed of.

When this card comes up in a reading, it means that luck is favoring you. You will get all what you want, money, love, happiness, just everything. A good time has started in your life and all you will do is enjoy!!!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hermit -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Hermit. It bears number 9 in the Major Arcana. The Tarot picture I have used for reference is from Rider Wait Tarot Deck.

At this stage of his journey, Fool has learnt lots of lessons pertaining to material world. He has been busy learning and building a life full of material comforts, he fought many battles courageously, had loved and lost. Now having lived his life to the full in this material world, he feels a deep urge inside him to take a break from all these worldly affairs. He feels a need to retreat.

This is when he changes his attire into a hermit's robe and carries nothing more that a staff and lantern. He finds a small, rustic home deep in woods and start spending his time alone. He is alone but not lonely. He has many things to think about and keep him occupied. In this wilderness, in his hut he reflects upon his past experiences and the paths he had choosen and not choosen. Its the tme when he reflects and thinks about his life spent and thus enhances his knowledge and understanding further. His lantern illuminates his path further. His staff is his companion on whom he can lean upon at times when he need support.

This is how he spends time in deep thoughts and meditation, reflecting upon self.

When this card comes up in a reading, it means that its time for introspection and analysis rather than for making decisions or taking actions. Its a time to think and organize yourself. There can be moments when the querent would feel frustrated, but they are temporary. Its a time when one takes a retreat rather thn socializing. Such times does leaad to illumination, a better perspective and clarity of what one has done and what needs to be done now.

Alternatively, this card represents a person of such nature entering your life. A higly illuminated and gifted person which can be in the form of a guide, father, teacher, etc.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Strength -- Major Arcana

The card I will discuss today is Chariot. It is numbered 8 and is from the Major Arcana. Picture I have used is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The Fool, victorious over his enemeis and so feeling powerful and arogant, now comes across a maiden struggling with a lion. When he saw her from a distance it seemed as if she is struggling with a lion; and so he runs to her help. As soon as he is near her, he observes that maiden is not struggling but has gently shut the lion's mouth. Infact, this wild and fierce lion is completley at her command. Surprised, Fool asks maiden that how was she able to do this and maiden replies, "Because lion is at my command. He obeys me".

Maiden looks into the Fool's eyes, and now Fool sees in her a warmth and gentleness. When Fool realizes that her heart is so great and its generosity infinite, he understands why lion did her bidding. the one thing he does not understand is, why does this fair maiden keep company with a beast. To this maiden replies, "This lion is wild, fierce and fileld with a wonderful energy. Once he takes direction from me, his energy can be directed similarly to fire in a hearth."

Now, realizing that this maiden's pure and innocent strength has been able to tame this wild and firece lion, fool walks away further on his path to explore what more lessons lies ahead.

When this card comes up in a reading, it indicates towards developing the true strength. It can be done by balancing the human, animal and divine aspects of yourself. This card represents the triumph of love over hate.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chariot -- Major Arcana

Card in the picture is Chariot from Major Arcana and bears the number 7. I have used Rider Waite of Tarot Deck.
Now, the fool has the tools and knowledge of how to use them. He also knows how to nurture and manage his empire, life and future. He has learned the value of customs, traditions and social beliefs. He has also found his companion who will fulfill and accompany him in his journey of life. Now, thus complete and close to hi destination he sets out on the path.

What awaits him next is his enemies. Enemies in form of devious humans or bad circumstances are standing in front of him, blocking his progress. Now he must find a way or guidance to help him to tackle these obstacles. This is when he meets a Charioteer.

Unable to move forward, Fool asks Charioteer on how to overcome these obstacles who has blocked his progress. Charioteer gives him the lessons on armouring oneself for protection, getting the goal fixed for minimum distraction, selecting a strong and sturdy chariot from where to control and direct your steeds towards the final goal or destination.
Now having learnt his lessons from Charioteer, Fool now sets upon his journey again ready to run down anyone or anything that gets in his way. Fool's only aim is to achieve victory now.

When this card turns up in a reading, it symbolizes control. A very different kind of control from the card of Emperor. While meaning of Emperor card was all about to manage your life and be aware of where your actions will take you. Card of Chariot is about to take control of your life, direct it in such a way that you can overcome all obstacles facing you. Its more like a military general controlling and ordering its army during war.
This card symbolizes victory, an unwavering faith in onself that nothing can stand in our way.