Saturday, 2 April 2011

Meditation Card of the Day -- Hermit

In Tarot Cards, The Hermit is shown as an old man carrying a staff and lantern. His head is bent as if in deep thoughts. His right hand holds the lantern up as if showing a path ahead. His left
hand holds the staff firmly and solidly on the ground.

As all the tarot cards are symbolic, so it is and each and evry symbol or action holds a deep
meaning. Hermit is standing alone but he is not lonely. He has all the wisdom and teachings he
has acquired through the aspect of its solitary nature. Hermit in itself is a card of inner dialogue with oneself. His head is bent because he is deep in thought, in
meditation. He has acquired the knowledge, the wisdom and understanding of this world by being
one with self and this universe.

His right hand that holds lantern up means that now since he has acquired all this knowledge, he
is ready to share it with others. Now he is ready to pass the knowledge and strength. He is
awaiting the seekers of light, knowledge and wisdom.

His left hand that holds the staff firmly shows that although he is old but not weak. Infact all
this knowledge and wisdom he has gained has strengthened him further.

There can be no other good beginning rather than to start meditation with this card.

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