Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tower -- Major Arcana

Today's card for discussion is Tower. It is numbered 16 in Major Arcana. the picture I have used fro reference is from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

Next, fool comes upon a tower which looks quite familiar to him. It brings about the old memories of how Fool had played a major role in getting this tower built before he left for his quest of spiritual journey.

Still today, this tower looks so magnificient and fantastic; and still today arrogant men lives inside the tower occupying the top floors. Fool again starts feeling one with this tower; tall, magnificient, standing alone, superior. He is so engrossed in his thoughts and this feeling that he lets a SHOUT out of his mouth. And lo!! a bolt of lightening strikes from heaven down below to tower crumbling it to pieces and sending its residents down into the water.

Fool is stunned with this sudden turn of events. And now he realizes that the lightening was his own doing and just now sending this lightening he destroyed nothing but all the lies of his life. Its the hardest part to do or achieve in one's life; destroying the false sense of grandeur. Now, all that is left is truth and now he has to start rebuilding his life upon this foundation of truth.

When this card comes up in a reading, its a very clear indication of false coming to an end. Anything or everything that is false, like family structures, institution, beliefs...all this will coem to an end now. However, painful or torturous it may seem, but it will come to an end for good. What will remain is truth and querent will rebuild its life upon it afresh.

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