Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Inner Peace and Happiness???

What is inner peace and happiness?? Just some words....what do they actually mean? Where does it comes from. Does it really exist or is it just an illusion? One's whole life human runs after these words 'inner peace and happiness'. Ask him when he is on his death bed, "Did you found your inner peace and happiness?" What do you think he will say? How many people have found it and affirmed it. Does it even exist or merely an illusion of maya?

Questions, questions and just questions. I am sure all of us face these questions in our life path. So many sages and wise people have come and gone....answered it in various ways. But how many have truly found it and lived it. Does finding it and living it fully means attaining moksha?? More questions....

Is inner peace spiritual, materialistic, personal, relational......what is it after all that makes you happy. One day you want this and next day another object or relation. There is no end to one's choices and demands. So, does it mean that all life we are supposed to just run and chase our 'inner peace and happiness'?? More Questions.....

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