Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fool - Major Arcana

This is the first card in a Tarot Deck and bears the number as 0. The number zero which stands for the unlimited potential and infinite possibilities, which doesn't has a start or end.

Fool is like a newborn baby with unlimited options waiting for him. He is about to start an unknown journey with a spring in his step. His staff denotes his will and the bag on his staff denotes the unlimited choices he has to make. His choices and decisions that will ultimately form his future. The white rose in his hand represents the purity of his soul and the dog beside him is his guardian who will protect him always. The rising mountains and sun behind represents the spirit world he has left just now to enter the material world. He is about to step off the cliff to enter the material world and start his new journey.

This card means the new beginnings, the choices to be made to start new ventures. It does means that opportunities are out there and what you need is go and grab them. There is no need to fear to start something new. Be optimistic.

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