Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tarot Meditation

Meditating on Tarot Cards is sometimes very effective. The pictures and the symbols on the cards are really helpful in focusing and thus keeps the conscious mind occupied. 

Deck To Use: To start with I prefer that one should use the deck that he or she is most comfortable with. Relating to the cards is very important. I personally prefer using Rider Waite Tarot Deck, but there are other decks too available in market. Some of the cards cater to the specific needs like the Lovers Tarot, Relationship Tarot, etc.

Drawing Cards: You can randomly draw the card/s from the pack or choose a specific card to meditate upon.

Meditation: Once you have the card to meditate upon, observe it carefully. Study it deeply and see how you can relate yourself with it. Check the colors, images and the story line or the actions being performed. Where do you see yourself in there. Its a good idea to use a journal to jot down all the thoughts that come to you. Next close your eyes and inhale deeply and slowly. Let the image and lessons you gathered from the card rest in your mind.


  1. It is really good and nice i experienced the same. It gives positive Vibration and correct solution to our Prevailing Problem

  2. Yes, its true. Meditation is the source of tapping all power within us and outside us. But Knowledge, power and wisdom should go together always to maintain a balance.