Sunday, 17 April 2011

Weekly Forecast --- PISCES

Time for weekly forecast again. Today its Pisces and the card I got is 3 of Swords from Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

From the very picture itself its a very upsetting card. Three sharp swords piercing the heart.
This week you will have to deal with your emotions and some harsh truths. Truth can be harsh but never harmful. Its always good to face truth rather than being in dark.

So, keep up your spirits inspite of the the tough time coming ahead. You may see your trust or confidence on some person being betrayed. This is the time when the truth and all the secrets will come out. And again as I said earlier, its good to know the truth rather than being in dark.
So, on positive side you will feel relaxed too 'ah! now i know everything why you were so different from past few days'. Time for wondering and worrying will get over.

Keep up your spirits and hold on to your courage as the time to move on is coming. Face all the harsh truths and realities of life with a positive mind. Amen.

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