Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Magician -- Major Arcana

Magician is the Major Arcana card in the pack of Tarot Cards. It holds the number one and comes after the fool. The tools that fool was carrying in his bag are now placed in front of him in Magician card and now is the time to use them. As you can see in the picture, all the four tools are placed on the table. These tools are sword, wand, cup and pentacles. These 4 tools represent the 4 elements each. Sword for air, wand for fire, cup for water and pentacles for earth. Now fool has all the tools to master the matters of mind and is therefore transformed into a Magician.

This card is also the card of conscious awareness. It can be seen as one of his hand points upwards and the other down. It clearly shows the link between heaven and earth and the first step towards the passage of life.

This card clearly says that we have all the power within us and what we need is to realize it, master it and utilize it. A negative/challenge can be the misuse of this infinite power. Without proper knowledge its very easy to misuse or abuse this great infinite power for personal gain. But these lessons will come in later major arcana cards. As of now, Fool has take the first step towards realizing the tools he was carrying and now is learning how to utilize them completely during his journey.

So, does it represents in our real life also. It is a card of self awakening. Of realizing that we have potential within us only. All we need to do is to learn how to tap into this inner power and focus our energies towards attainment.

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