Saturday, 15 February 2014

Notification of Moving This Blog

Hi Friends. Thanks for supporting this small blog. I apologize for not being regular in updating here dueto my day job commitments and work pressures.

But now I have decided to merge all my blogs into one so that its easy for me and everyone.

I have already posted some contents like gemstone properties, DIY makeup, DIY cosmetics. 
Do stop by and take your time. I hope that these posts will be helpful to you all. 

This new blog myglitteringworld, is a merger of all of my small blogs on varied subjects. Hence, you will find that myglitteringworld also has posts on varied subjects. So, I hop if not all posts, at least some will surely be interest of you.

In next 3-4 days I will be merging this last one AnuradhaTarot to my new blog myglitterinworld. Hence, you may see posts from this blog (anuradhatarot) there (myglitteringworld).

So, don't get disappointed if you feel like that you are reading the same content. Because its not so. If you will check out the previous posts, you will find ample content there.

Lastly, here are few more links I hop you will take some time to visits.

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